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Veggie Travel Girl - Choosing Accommodation

Which type of Accommodation should you use?

Accommodation Choices So you are planning a holiday, gap year or just a month or two travelling and you are wondering what is the best accommodation for you.  I have broken it down into seven different categories to best suit your needs. 1. All-Inclusive Packages Use this option if you are booking short holidays or…

Veggie Travel Girl - Campsite Essentials

Campsite Essentials – Easter Island

We recently spent 10 nights at a campsite on Easter Island and I wasn’t really too sure what to expect.  I have always liked camping but 10 nights seemed like rather a long time. “May your feet be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling” Campsite Grounds We stayed at Camping y Hostal Tipanie…

Veggie Travel Girl - Travelling on the Cheap in Rio

Rio – Travelling cheap versus comfort

I think we all like the idea of travelling on the cheap, around the world in 5-star accommodation, all inclusive, bells and whistles galore.  But we know that is just not realistic.  Therefore, my question is:  Should you compromise comfort for a cheap deal? I have always wanted to see Rio so when planning our…

Vegetarian Travel Blog - Lisbon

Casinha Alfacinha – Accommodation in Lisbon

Are you looking for accommodation in Lisbon? We stayed in Lisbon for 5 nights at Casinha Alfacinha.  I would certainly recommend this apartment for your accommodation needs. We arrived at the airport and jumped in one of the taxi’s outside.  I had prepared beforehand and had the address of the accommodation written down.  Lisbon is…

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