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Hi, my name is Jenna – Welcome to my Vegetarian Travel Blog.

“Adventure starts where comfort ends”

Vegetarian Travel Blog

Meeting Hyena’s in Africa

I come from a small town in the North West of England, a place where everyone knows everyone, one road in, one road out……and cold.  I have always dreamt of travelling the world but it’s easy to get caught up in jobs, chores and responsibilities.  I decided it was now or “some other time”….I chose now!

I became vegetarian a few years ago, I love all animals and the more I saw of the meat industry the more my heart hurt.  I decided to look further into it.  Dairy industry, eggs, animal testing etc etc.  I figured I could no longer be true to myself and my values unless I became vegan.  People have said to me ‘you’ll never change the way the world is’ but doesn’t it always start with one person? I am so happy to see how increasingly popular vegetarianism and veganism is becoming.

I originally wanted to create a blog so my family and friends could keep up with my travels.  However, after the many comments I received about not being able to stick to a vegan diet while abroad, the more I thought I should document how accessible this lifestyle really is.  Hence my Vegetarian Travel Blog – Veggie Travel Girl was born.

I wanted to create the blog as vegetarian as I 100% understand how daunting vegan can sound, and I am still taking my own transition one day at a time and learning new information continually.

I love to keep fit, live healthy, love profusely and be grateful for each moment I am alive.  If I can give you any tips, advice, cautions on my veggie travels – Awesome.  If not, I hope it can at least be a good read.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure.





Vegetarian Travel Blog


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