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Popular Restaurant in the Heart of Lisbon

During my travels I am hoping to try at least one vegan restaurant in each town/city I visit.  After looking for vegan food in Lisbon, I was eager to eat at Eight the Health Lounge as soon as I came across it.

If you take a look at their website you can read the story behind company.  You begin to realise just how important health  is to the owners which just makes you want to visit even more.  They highlight their 8 principles which they live by and genuinely seem as though they want the same for their customers.

Veggie Travel Girl - Vegan Food in Lisbon
Eight The Health Lounge

At first when I looked at the menu I literally wanted to try it all, I couldn’t choose.  I really wanted to try the Dill Cashew Cheese on Toast but the smoothie bowls sounded amazing, but then what about the salads and paninis?  You will not be short of mouth-watering choices here.

We decided to walk down early afternoon and there is small seating area downstairs but also an upper floor with more seats.  We decided to go for a full three course meal.

Starter – Curried Chickpea Soup (with croutons)

Main – Asian Wonder Salad with a Gut Goodness Juice

Dessert – Maca Moca drink – with a little biscuit on the side.

The whole meal for two came to €36.60 which I think is extremely reasonable.  To be able to eat somewhere that health is a priority is a rare sight to to see.  I would most certainly visit again on my next trip.


Facebook: Eight the Health Lounge

Trip Advisor: Eight the Health Lounge


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