Travel Lesson #1 – Be Extra Prepared

Don’t try and move house the day before you travel!

Today we set off on our year long journey to travel the world.  However, I have already come across my first Travel Lesson.  We had taken a month off work beforehand to plan our itinerary and get the mundane ‘adult’ tasks completed before we left.   However, that time soon gets taken up.  I wanted to make a good head start on my blog, we needed to see friends and family before we left, and houses needed revamping.  I also had every ‘intention’ of hitting the gym each day before we left.

Although we were super organised you can never prepare for everything.  We had to deal with an unexpected houseVegetarian Travel Blog - Travel Lesson #1 sale two days before we were due to set off.  A mad rush to the solicitors, filling out endless forms and signing documents was not on the action plan.

Then we needed to get our house ready for renting out.  You never really know how much stuff (I mean JUNK) you own until you need to get rid of it all.  We were working late into the night to get the house emptied/cleaned before leaving at 6am the next day.  Wow, are we tired.  This was not a good start to our trip, so therefore my first travel lesson is:

Travel Lesson #1

If you are travelling long-term make sure you move out of your house at least 2/3 days before you are due to travel.  The mad rush the night before is not the best way to start an adventure of a lifetime.  I intended to have a nice relaxing last day/night surrounded by my family and friends – but instead we had to rope them in to helping us move (thank you btw).

Hopefully my next travel lesson won’t come so quickly after my first.

Time to see what Lisbon has to offer.


Extra tip –  We have been using for all our reservations.  We book only hotels/apartments which offer free cancellation and have nothing to pay upfront.  This takes away a lot of the stress.  You don’t have the pressure of being tied in.  Plans change. This way you can be flexible .  Just make sure you keep an eye on when your free cancellation ends.



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  • Tracy

    March 12, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Thus was such a you thing to happen 😄. I think just about everyone in the office sighed and said “of course”. Good thing you have excellent legal connections 😉. Sounds like you’re off to a good start, keep it up x


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