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How to Travel between La Paz & Cusco

How to Travel between La Paz & Cusco?

I was asking myself the same question. Weighing up my choices.  I narrowed it down to Bolivia Hop and Flying and I am surprisingly glad I chose to go with Bolivia Hop.  A positive experience from a 24-hour trip was not what I was expecting.

This is a fantastic unique idea which allows you to travel through Bolivia and Peru with ease and comfort and at your own pace.  This service provides tourists the chance to hop off at any of the stops on the below map.  They tailor your trip to suit your needs and you can make it as long or short as possible.

Veggie Travel Girl - Bolivia Hop
Bolivia Hop

I was reading some bad reviews about the airline I was planning on travelling with which made me start looking elsewhere.  Bolivia Hop have a great reputation and I was glad to see so many people recommend these guys.  A quick search on how to travel between La Paz and Cusco and you will know what I am talking about.

There are a lot of horror stories from tourists crossing the border, but Bolivia Hop are with you through the whole process.

Pick up from La Paz

As our hotel wasn’t in the pick-up area we had to meet at Adventure Brew Hostel.  This was fine though as this particular hostel lets you wait inside which is very handy as it can get cold early in the mornings.

Our bus arrived on time and our Bolivia Hop rep came and collected us, so you don’t need to keep an eye out.  I was however expecting one of the green Bolivia Hop buses, but they are only used on the Peru side.  You still got a nice sized bus which was a comfortable ride.  They also provided you with a bottle of water which was great.

There are some amazing views on the way so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

You do have to hop on a ferry during your trip which was really funny as I wasn’t sure how the bus was going to get across.  Then I noticed the really big makeshift floats.  What a sight to see your bus floating across on one of these.  It was a little worrying seeing one of the men scooping water out with a bucket on its way back.

This first bus does not have a toilet on it as it needs to be a certain size and weight in order to cross the water.  However, there are multiple stops so you should never find yourself caught out.

Copacabana and Lake Titicaca

Just before you arrive at Copacabana the bus will make a quick stop to allow for photographs of the amazing view of the lake and beach below you.

Veggie Travel Girl - Lake Titicaca & Copacabana
View of Lake Titicaca & Copacabana

You have around 5 hours to spend in Copacabana and you can spend that time getting something to eat and chilling out.  There is also a tour available to Isla del Sol (The Sun Island) which you can organise through Bolivia Hop.  It is a 1.5 hr boat ride there, but I believe the Inca ruins and hike are well worth doing.  You must make sure you are on the returning boat your rep tells you to.  They have all timings precisely worked out and if you are late they will have to leave without you.

I was not expecting to find vegan food in Copacabana so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across KM Zero Restaurant with a Vegan sign outside.  The guy who seen to us spoke extremely good English and the vegan menu was quinoa soup, lentil burger & fruit for 29 Boliviano (around £3).  Cannot complain at those prices.  We also asked for a fruit juice and they asked us if we wanted sugar included or no sugar.  They get extra points for that.  The food arrived quickly and was very pleasant.

Check them out here.

Crossing the Border

You have to pass through two border controls.  First for your way out of La Paz and then for your way into Peru.  We had no trouble with this and the Bolivia Hop rep was on hand at all times.  The border control staff were pleasant and didn’t really ask us any questions.

veggie travel Girl - la paz - bolivia hop
24 Hour Bus Journey – Bolivia Hop

Then you got on the big green Bolivia Hop buses.  These were better than expected.  Chairs reclined and were comfortable and you got blankets if you got cold.  The bus was very spacious and even had a toilet on it.

There was a stop at Puno around 8:00pm where you were able to get off the bus and stretch your legs, go to an ATM or simply grab a bite to eat.  The bus didn’t set off again until 9:15pm so you had plenty of time.

Once you were back on the bus they turned off the lights ready for everyone to get some sleep.  It was surprisingly quiet, and I did manage to get some shut eye.  The wobbling of the bus wasn’t too bad either.  I believe during the day they play movies.

On arrival in Cusco

We sleepily arrived in Cusco around 5am the next day.  Bolivia Hop already had taxis arranged for everyone to get to their hotels.  They did not charge for these taxis which was an amazing bonus.  I paid around £35 for my Bolivia Hop ticket and although it was approx. a 24-hour trip you certainly got your money’s worth.

Highly recommended as a good choice to travel between La Paz and Cusco.

Bolivia Hop

Peru Hop




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