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Veggie Travel Girl - Vegan Travel

Vegan Travel – Is It Possible?

Vegan travel It is an understandable question depending on where you are heading.  However, I am glad to say in my experience so far ‘yes’.  Yes, you can certainly survive your travels while sticking to a vegan diet.  Vegan Travel is possible whilst eating some great meals too.  I have managed to survive places such…

veggie travel girl - vegan eating in chile

Eating Vegan in Chile

We have arrived in Chile, suitcases and all AND we have a kitchenette in our room.  We are off to a great start. Our hotel is also rather handily just across the road from a supermarket. While on our travels, we really want to make a conscious effort not only to eat vegan but also…

Veggie Travel Girl - Sugar Free Rio

Eating Sugar Free in Rio

Putting the ‘Sugar’ in Sugarloaf One of the main tourist attractions in Rio is Sugar Loaf Mountain. The origin of the name comes from the similarity with the moulds used by the Portuguese to transport sugar, called sugarloaf’s. It’s no wonder with one of the most famous monuments in Rio named after sugar that all…