Eating Vegetarian/Vegan, South America

Eating Vegan in Chile

We have arrived in Chile, suitcases and all AND we have a kitchenette in our room.  We are off to a great start.

Our hotel is also rather handily just across the road from a supermarket. While on our travels, we really want to make a conscious effort not only to eat vegan but also healthy too.  It is the first place we are staying for more than a week so have a little time to get settled.

Typical day in Chile


Porridge & nuts with almond milk.  We found this awesome vegan, dairy/soy/carrageenan/gluten free, unsweetened (breathe) almond milk.  You sure pay for what you get but your health is so worth it.


Avocado on Toast.  If I can find avocados I can eat anywhere.  We did manage to hunt down some bread that has no added sugar.  Its not an easy job but usually at least one loaf will have either none or very little added sugar.

veggie travel girl - eating vegan in Chile
Avo – Anytime Anywhere


We make a concoction of a stir fry (beansprouts, edamame beans, mushrooms, roasted almonds, courgettes).  I throw some lentils in there for a good source of protein.  We have been playing around with different spices and sauces.


veggie travel girl - eating vegan in Chile
Bless Bliss & Blueberries
  • Fruit, you just can’t go wrong with fruit.  I have been buying lots of pears, oranges and berries.
  • Nuts (I haven’t seen any peanut butter *sigh*).
  • I found these awesome ‘Bless’ drinks.  100% natural with no added sugar.  Some flavours included ginger and spirulina which is a great boost for the body.


I had to decide which supplements I wanted to take with me and narrowed it down to three:

I haven’t been able to find a health food shop close by to where we are staying which is a shame, but we did come across an awesome little vegan burger place just around the corner.

VG Burger – Chile

We were seen to straight away and the girl who served us was so polite and helpful and she spoke amazing English which is something we haven’t really come across much.

veggie travel girl - vegan eating in chile
VG Burger Treat

Everything was well priced, and our food arrived super quick.  You could get a burger for as little as 4,000 Chilean Peso (around £4.50) and it came with a side of fries.  The coffee was the best coffee we have come across since we left the UK.

They even did vegan desserts: ice cream, brownies or cheesecake.  These looked amazing, but we are trying to stay off the sugar.

Our waitress told us about the area and we talked about social media.  She even invited us to go back to the launch of a new burger the following week which was a lovely gesture.

The burger place is not far from Fantasilandia and if you are in that area, VG Burger is a must!

Website:- VG Burger 

Facebook:- VG Burger





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