Easy Vegan Eating in Cusco

Veggie Travel Girl - Eating Vegan in Cusco

Yummy Vegan Food

I cannot stress enough how easy it is to eat vegan in Cusco.  It must be due to the high number of tourists.  There are more vegan restaurants in Cusco than in my home town in the UK!  There are even vegan options in many of the smaller cafes too.  This is also the first place we have visited in South America that actually has a recycling scheme in place.  Very impressed.

If Machu Picchu is on your bucket list you will be in for a treat (a vegan treat).

We did find the supermarkets on the expensive side.  It is swarming with tourists though, so no wonder the prices are higher.

Green Point – All Vegan Restaurant in Cusco

We found this amazing vegan restaurant called Green Point.  It was less than 10 minutes away from our hotel and very close to the city centre.

Veggie Travel Girl - Vegan Food in Cusco

Vegan Empanadas

Here you are welcomed by the most attentive staff and their food is always delicious.  We went for tea late one night and decided to go back the very next day for dinner.  I am so glad that we did as we discovered their lunch time deal (between 12-2pm).  This was priced at 15 soles for a four-course meal.  There is a self-service salad bar (not just salad but pastas, veggies, crisps and pasties), soup, main and a dessert.  The menu and salad bar change every day so you always have something new to try.  Did I mention that it was 15 soles?  This is almost £3.50 for a four-course meal (including a drink).  I was there almost every day.

If you go for the lunch time special expect to be served very quickly.  However, if you opt for something off the menu then your waiting times will increase quite a bit.  They will offer you appetisers though and the food is always worth the wait.

Next door they also have a vegan shop which sells milks, peanut butter, sweet treats, nuts and muesli and even cosmetics.  Always remember that just because it is vegan doesn’t mean that it is good for you and the treats should be eaten in moderation (or on a hike).

Green Point




Shaman Vegan Raw Restaurant

There was also another restaurant that we had been recommended called Shamen Vegan Raw.  I wish I had found this little gem earlier.  The place has such an ambience to it and the staff are so lovely.  I found this restaurant to have a more spiritual atmosphere and the food was delicious.  We were able to get carrot and beetroot juices here with no added sugar.  They tasted so fresh, just what we needed on those hot days.

Veggie Travel Girl - Vegan Eating in Cusco

Vegan Dessert for Two

You must try this place out if you are heading to Cusco.  It is a little tucked away so search for it on Google Maps and give it a shot.  Your food is served piping hot and you also get appetisers while you wait.

If you walk through the many streets and alleys (try not to get lost) you will be surprised at the little vegan places that pop up.  We got a great Carrot muffin, juice and pastry from one and found another which served a beautiful chickpea burger.  You just have to look around.

Shaman Vegan Raw




Veggie Travel Girl - Machu Picchu, Cusco, Vegan

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