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Campsite Essentials – Easter Island

We recently spent 10 nights at a campsite on Easter Island and I wasn’t really too sure what to expect.  I have always liked camping but 10 nights seemed like rather a long time.

“May your feet be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling”

Campsite Grounds

We stayed at Camping y Hostal Tipanie Moana.  They provided us with:

  • A tent and two camping mats to sleep on;
  • Shared toilets (I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to flush the paper anywhere on Easter Island);
  • Hot showers;
  • Shared kitchen with our own designated food storage area and section of a fridge;
  • Free Wi-Fi, however it could be a bit hit and miss at times.  But who needs Wi-Fi when you are on Easter Island; and
  • Airport pick up & drop off (presented with very beautiful flower necklaces on arrival).

The reason we chose to camp is that we were literally saving hundreds of pounds than if we were to stay in a proper hotel.  After all, you are on Easter Island, how much time are you really going to spend at your accommodation.  I must point out though that the cleaning standards at this campsite were extremely high and the owners were so friendly.  I was very impressed.

Camping y Hostal Tipanie Moana always seems to get good reviews understandably.

There are a few things however that could make your stay a bit more comfortable.


Campsite Essential Shopping List

Get a good Sleeping Bag & Liner
Veggie Travel Girl - Camping Essentials
3-4 Season Sleeping Bag

I bought both from Mountain Warehouse.  The weather was on the warmer side when we travelled to Easter Island.  However, I would still recommend getting a good 3 – 4 season Sleeping Bag.  I was told that the weather was starting to get cooler as we were leaving and temperatures at night always drop.

My sleeping bag liner has been a life saver also.  If you ever get too hot at night you can just sleep in your liner instead.  Also, depending on how many ‘questionable’ motels you may be sleeping at in the future you might just want to keep that liner handy.  They fold up into practically nothing either so its definitely a must have.

Torch & Spare Batteries

This one is probably pretty obvious but you should really take a torch with you.  I know most people like to use all the facilities of their super-duper mobile phones nowadays but there are times when a torch is more practicable.  We visited some caves while we were on the island and you don’t really want to be going into them holding your phone for light.  Even better if you can get hold of a head torch.

You will definitely need some source of light for them midnight toilet trips.

Bug Spray

There will be a mesh covering on your tent but that does not stop the smaller sneakier bugs getting in.  It can get really clostraphobic locked away in those tents for too long.  Sometimes you just need a bit of air.  Unfortunately this is an open invitation for ants and smaller bugs and boy did we get bit.  Use insect repellent from day one.  I was fine for the first couple of days.  Not a bite in sight.  I was trying to be really careful too and I had my long pants and long sleeve top on.  I wore socks and tried to keep myself as covered as possible.  But then one night the bugs must have had a dinner party and I was their main course.

First Aid Kit

It’s always best to be on the safe side.  Take precautions.  Have your paracetmol, allergy/hayfever, diorreah and water purifying tablets to hand.  Pack plasters and blisterpads, especially if you are going to be doing some hiking. Always have hand sanitizer and antiseptic cream easily accessible.

Water Bottle
Veggie Travel Girl - Campsite Essentials
Stay Hydrated

A great tip I was given by a friend which came in very handy was to buy a Nalgene bottle.  At night you can fill it up with boiling water (specifically designed to withstand these temperatures).  You can then use it as a hot water bottle and in the morning after it has cooled it will be safe to drink. I have been using this technique throughout my whole trip so far.

Sistema Bowl & Cutlery

At our campsite we were provided with all kitchenware equipment but having your own utensils really comes in handy.  We brought Sistema bowls which can be used to store and heat food up.  We had our own set of cutlery and a camping cup each .  Much better than fighting your fellow campers for the best cups and plates.


Remember every time you visit a fancy hotel and you just have to steal the minature soaps and shampoos.  Well camping is a perfect time to use them.  You really do have limited space in a tent and you don’t want to be taking up too much of that with cosmetics.  It’s ok to rough it a little bit while camping.  But these little beauties really come in handy for camping trips. More excuses to go and stay at fancy hotels….oh go on then.

Light Towel
Veggie Travel Girl - Camping Essentials
My Little Bodhi

I brought my ‘Little Bodhi Travel Towel’ with me.  It is compact, lightweight and super fast drying.  We were provided with hot showers but there wasn’t really anywhere for our towels to dry off afterwards.  My little Bodhi really came in handy as it only took a short amount of time draped over a chair to dry off.  I just popped it back in its pouch and tucked it away.

It really is all about saving space when camping.  Remember not to bring too much.  You don’t want to over clutter your tent.

Sun Cream

Your skin health is so important and we regularly neglet it.  Make sure you bring good sun protection with you.  If you will be partaking in any water based activities make sure you get a good marine friendly one such as The Green People.

Hard-Core Camping

Obviously if you are not vising a campsite such as the one in Easter Island then there are many many more supplies you will need to take into consideration; tents, cooking stoves, navigation appliances, firewood and water.

You can never be too prepared.

Above all, enjoy it.  Camping is a time to forget everything and just be with nature again. Go a little more wild and be a little more free.



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