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South America – Peru – Arequipa – El Buda Profano (Vegan)

Surprising Vegan Find in Arequipa

I wasn’t planning on reviewing any vegan restaurants while in Arequipa.  Its not the most popular destination in Peru and many tourists only come here for the tour of Colca Canyon.  I did however decide to try a vegan sushi restaurant that I found via my trusty HappyCow app.

El Buda Profano

Veggie Travel Girl - Vegan Arequipa
Vegan Sushi

This cosy little restaurant is located near the historical centre of Arequipa and I wouldn’t have stumbled across it if I hadn’t already known about it.  It’s small inside so only holds a few tables.  It is 100% vegan which I was surprised to find.  I tried a small selection of sushi, 2 avocado, 2 spicy mango and 2 tofu, all for 12 soles (around £3).  The spicy mango was actually amazing.  I had to order some more to take away.  They even provided me with wooden chopsticks and a small tub of soy sauce to take with me.

You were able to see the food being prepared in front of you which is always reassuring and it was very speedy service. My waitress even spoke English.

I was overall very impressed and I am 100% sure I will be making a return visit before I leave.  I decided it was definitely worth a mention on my blog.

Facebook: El Buda Profano

TripAdvisor: El Buda Profano


Trekking Goodies – Doorganic

As I am preparing for my 2-day Colca Canyon trek, I know for sure I need to bring some vegan trekking goodies with me.  After checking out the supermarkets, I was left with a decision to make.  Either choose vegan bars that are loaded with sugar or try and make my own.  However, I luckily came across this amazing organic shop located just one street away from where I have been having my morning Starbucks.  It’s called Doorganic.

It is only a very small shop but I was relieved to find some great energy & quinoa bars.  They sold cereals, nut butters, cookies and even bamboo toothbrushes and ear buds.  They are not a vegan store so some items did include honey but you can just have a scan at the ingredients, many of which were listed in English too.  I grabbed a handful of everything and I am now well prepared for my trekking adventure.

Veggie Travel Girl - Doorganics
Trekking Bars

A lot of these tours do provide you with food but they usually only cater for vegetarians so I always try and go prepared, just in case there isn’t anything I will eat.  I would hate to leave myself in a situation where I had to eat dairy just so I had the strength to finish a trek.

Facebook: Doorganic

It has been so refreshing to see so many vegan restaurants and shops.  Even in those cities I was convinced wouldn’t have any.



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